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We have educated thousands of children and preserved tens of thousands of acres of land. Sustaining our activities- housing workers, paying salaries, building schools, providing basic needs and, God willing, giving a little hope to children born into deep poverty... does not come cheap.

The scale of our project may seem large, yet there is still so much work to be done. The financial necessity is constant and growing.

Together, we can provide refuge to wild species and protection to open spaces that would otherwise succumb to the human forces of development, waste, and pollution.

By educating a new generation of youth, we will keep alive the transcendent dream that someday all humanity might live in harmony with nature. The task is not easy, and our challenge is great. We must build our dreams one acre, one day, one child at a time.

Here are some of the costs:

  • 1 Year Primary Education: USD 375 per child
  • 1 Year Secondary Education: USD 750 per child
  • 4 Years Secondary Education: USD 3,000 per child
  • 3 Years College Education: USD 6,000 per child
  • One classroom: USD 7,000
  • 5 year target of 9 classrooms: USD 55,000
  • One desk used by three students: USD 20
  • 5 year target of 50 desks: USD 1,000
  • Modern teacher housing unit for 12: USD 66,000
  • Teacher salaries for the Mobile Education Unit: USD 50,000

This is just a small sampling of costs. Additionally, we need to provide automobiles and the cost of their upkeep. We need projectors, computers, dvd players, and water-catchment systems. There is so much to be done (and so much to be paid for).

How do you want to help? Remember, every cent of your donation goes to the program you choose!

Donate securely via PayPal below with all major credit cards or by e-check. You can also send check or money order to: "ICEC," 2162 Baldwin Road, Ojai, CA 93023 .

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2008 The International Center for Earth Concerns

Images of Need
and Hope:

BEFORE: Children outside a primative classroom:

AFTER: Melody Taft visits students in thier new classroom:

We still need more desks!

Providing care to an injured eland:

Our Director and President visit the conservancy: