Education is the only solution to preserving Kenya's national treasure and top economic producer: its wildlife and wild lands.

We make the connection between people and wildlife.

We support vital conservation education to over 50,000 students per year.

We build modern schools, clinics, and teacher housing.

We provide projectors & hi-tech electronics, furnish classrooms, install fresh-water systems, offer student scholarships, buy automobiles, and pay salaries to local teachers and health care professionals.

100% of your donation goes directly to the program of your choice.


VIDEO: African Mobile Education Units 

Together, we can educate
thousands more.



Helping Animals by Helping People

EarthConcerns SUCCESS Stories
John passed his entrance exams with high marks but was unable to continue his education for lack of school fees. He is now enrolled and looks forward to someday attending university.

Nancy is another very talented student who could not afford school fees. Without our help, she would have been sold off as a wife. She is now enrolled in school and very happy for our assistance.
Pauline was second in her class and was accepted to school for high performers but was unable to pay for tuition; she is now enrolled and excelling.
We are sponsoring Mary for Tourism Training and Research from the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya Center. She is the first girl from the community to go to high school, let alone college. She says she wants to be an example for other girls from her community.

Thousands more need your help to succeed.



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